Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cone 5-6 metallic glaze by Spectrum !!

Tried a new glaze this week with spectacular results! Spectrum Mars Scape 1451. It is a Cone 5-6 metallic glaze. I was a bit concerned based on some results I saw posted on other reviews. But on my little beads it showed all it's glory (except for one...i'll explain that later). I used Highwater Redstone Clay...bisque fired to 05. Three heavy coats of Spectrum Mars Scape, fired to cone 6 and soaked for 15 minutes. The results!

Now, this last photo shows the same glaze on the "6" bead. The bead was exactly the same but I dipped  it in the Mars Scape and it was placed at the very top of the kiln. I suspect that it did not fire to maturity up at the top where the peep hole is open and the lid lets a bit of heat escape. As well, it probably did not have a thick enough coat of the glaze. I am going to try and re-dip it and fire it again on a lower, hotter shelf and see if that makes it sparkle like the others. As you may know, metallics are very difficult to photography. It is the movement and color of the light bouncing off and around them that really makes the gleam. Try it for yourself and let me know how you fare!!

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